Standard Rate $30 / hr
Summer Rate
(June 1st – August 31st)
$33 / hr
Rush Rate
(fewer than 5 days (or 120 hrs) notice)
$32 / hr
Same Day Rush Rate (less than 24 hrs) $40 / hr
Halloween Themed Event $37 / hr
Thanksgiving Events $45 / hr
Christmas Eve and
New Years Eve
$45 / hr
Rinsing and/or Dish-washing $10 / hr (additional)
Party Assistant $25/ hr

Need a BarSphere Bartender?

BarSphere Agency, as mentioned on Forbes, is highly recognized for its efficiency. We strive our hardest on preparing for your event. Our success isn’t measured by how many events we do annually, but more on how successful we help make each event. Here is an example of efficiency: on June 14th, 2014 a team of 14 bartenders, 3 bar backs, and one manager tackled the very first “Union BBQ Fest” in Washington, DC. An event that brought together +7,000 city residents.BarSpheres team pushed through a 13 hour shift, relentlessly. Each bartender handled a minimum of 500 patrons. Each bartender was required to check ID (if there was a doubt of age requirement), craft and pour drinks, put a RedBull in everyone’s hand (required by the RedBull marketing team that was there), handle every cash transaction, and do it all with a will of determination. Do not think twice on hiring a BarSphere Bartender.

Before you hire your bartender, please note:

  • BarSphere Agency is fully capable of handling all of your bar and event staffing needs. You will be hiring considerably some of the best hardworking individuals in the event industry. Do not hesitate on hiring BarSpheres staff.
  • All orders must be paid in full at least 72 hours before the day of your event. If this is a “Rush” service request the balance is due immediately via credit card or debit card through PayPal.
  • Under certain circumstances we will accept a cashiers check and money order, but this is on a case by case scenario.
  • If you need to a hire a bartender with less than a 24 hour notice please email ernest@barsphere.bar to receive a quick response.
  • All payments are made through our trustworthy friend, PayPal.
  • If you are a corporation and it is mandatory to pay in company checks please have your checks sent to us 10 business days before your event. All checks must clear and invoices paid in full before the commencement of our services
  • In accordance to federal employment anti-discrimination laws, we are unable to honor bartender requests based on gender identity, race, or sexual orientation. However, we will be happy to make sure that your bartenders expertise and professionalism is unmatched.
  • Please read our emails in full. We do require an email that you check on a regular basis. One of our account managers will be in constant contact with you via email.
  • Please reserve your order 10 business days before your events date. This will save you from our Rush Rate.
  • If you would like a quote on alcohol purchase from our family owned liquor store, please list the items you would like to purchase (see our Party Planner page for help).
  • Our bartender will bring the following (without additional charge): chill-tin, mixer glass, strainer, ice scoop, double-jointed wine key, and a beer bottle opener.
  • If you would like to rent a bar from us please let us know. We have them in Black Marble, White, and Walnut. They’re priced at $60.00 to rent and a delivery fee will be applied. Our normal delivery rate (which includes delivery and pick up) is $70.00.
  • If your events destination is over our 30 mile radius we will have to apply a traveling fee of $50.00 not including toll fees. Please keep our bartender in mind and the valuable service they are bringing to your event.
  • Thank you in advance for paying attention to detail and reading through our “About Us” page. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate on asking.
  • Cheers,
    BarSphere Agency