Have you wonder how much a bartender really makes?

Well, I, Ernest Flores, can tell you that it can be very well worth joining the alcohol industry. A bartender that has flare and an attitude that draws people close naturally makes 20% or more on all of their tabs. For example: 1 guest can spend close to $60.00 easily, and if happy at the end will tip 20% which is $12.00, now if you times that by 70 guests a night that equals up to $820. Now, of course, you may have to split those tips between a few people (bar back(s), your 2nd to 3rd bartender, food runner, and host(s)), and if that’s the case you may end up distributing 12% of those earnings leaving you with $722 for the night once divided between three bartenders you’re left with $241. You tell me whether that’s good or not for an 8-12 hour shift?

On average a well-seasoned bartender can earn between $15-45 an hour. Much of it depends on location, restaurant, establishment, but mainly location. A heavy populated area can bring in all walks of life and with that wallets full of confident spending money.


Our Mixology Certification Course Entails the Following:

A full bartending certification course that is taught by the owner and founder of BarSphere.

Course descriptions:

Introductory- strengthening the understanding of the students idea of the private career of bartending

Vocabulary- every career has a general “lingo” that the professional must be able to comprehend; this is where we go over terms and definitions of the professions words

Glassware- not only is it important to know what glass does a specific drink go in, but also understanding why does it go into that glass in measurement and complex ingredients terms

Equipment/Tools- as professionals we have tools understanding what tool is used for what part of the drink making process is essential to your technique

Garnishments- not all drinks take garnishes, but many do; it is our responsibility as professionals to know what will blend correctly with which drink

Measurements- Pouring correctly will help your reputation as a bartender/mixologist grow. You’re in charge of the liquor variance level at your place of employment your employer will appreciate your techniques much more if you learned how to pour ounces correctly

Customer Service- 80% of bartending is “Customer Service” 20% bartending in this course we’ll go over techniques on how to improve your overall customer service rating

Ice Tea Drinks- great way to start learning how to build drinks these drinks contain a term name “G.I.L.T” the order in which you make a drink

Suggestive Selling- we have to learn how to increase your revenue and in order to do that we need to learn how to increase the establishment revenue through graceful selling tactics

Liquor Variety Breakdown- there are over 8+ different categories of liquor in the world it’s good to have basic knowledge on at least 8 of them

Measuring Accuracy- here we will practice on perfecting your pour with tools that will help reach your exact measuring goals

Complex Juice Drinks- these drinks will test your memorization skills and help your drink building techniques along with presentation

Shot and Shooters- shots are easy to pour it’s the shooters that require some knowledge in basic month; shooters are complex mixture of drinks that are converted into shots and this is where we build your pouring and building technique

Classic Cocktails- suggestive selling really comes into play with these drinks and customer service

Job Lecture- what a great to learn where to start looking; you will encounter obstacles in your search of bartending employment; let us help you with a many great secrets of the trade and hints

Bar Management- a great position to be in for those looking to be a career bartender; this lecture will help you achieve it quicker than usual

Inventory- learning how to calculate variance behind the bar is very important; this will help your establishments net revenue; it all starts with you keeping inventory

Bar Time- this is where “the rubber hits the road” time to practice on everything that we’ve learned how to make so far; the certification pour test is timed, so we need to practice on our speed

Beer Lecture- beer is the most recognized alcoholic beverage around the world so let’s learn how to pour it the right and knowing the varieties of them

Champagne Drinks- many great brunch drinks come from champagne so here we’re going to be talking about the difference between sparkling wine and champagne and many great drinks

Cordials- are what makes us bartenders/mixologists; if they did not exist there would be no reason for us to be here. Let’s learn about the origins and flavors of these great creations

Wine Lecture- wine has become very popular around the world; a very powerful product in the hospitality industry; many different varieties of it. There are also many ways on how to serve we’ll be going over all of this in this lecture

Cream Drinks- this section requires the understanding of terms and definitions also understanding your glassware. Can I get a B-52 please!

Layered Drinks- this is an art; pure precision and accuracy; presentation is key

Frozen Drinks- learning what goes in the blender first really helps when it comes to the straining part and presentation part of these drinks; speed is also a factor

Muddled Drinks- Mojito anyone? An Old Fashioned? Muddled drinks are looking for a certain taste and most of the time that taste is freshness. Again, presentation is key


Certification Pour Test- Students must be prepared mentally and physically on this day; eat your breakfast and have energy as this is the test that will signify your certification

Our classes are taught every Saturday morning from 7:00am to 11:00am at 3568 14th St. NW Washington, DC 20010

To register for class please fill out our application and a BarSphere representative will contact you shortly.

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